Monday, 15 December 2014

How Time Flies

Well... it has certainly been a while since I last posted.

I started this Blog in the hope that there might be something contained within that would help or support other families who have children with Sensory Processing Disorder... so mostly the posts would occur when we hit one of those many bumps in the road and how we navigated our way through it.

Seeing the dates I last posted made me realise just how well 'B' has been doing. For those of you with younger children, when you have those 'off' days, when you think you are at your lowest point, please take heart... IT DOES GET BETTER.

As I've often said to other families, with maturity comes coping skills. Much of 'B's Meltdowns came from frustration, not having the vocabulary or the knowledge to explain what was going on in her head. As she got older, she could understand better how she worked and found ways, usually by her own volition, to cope.

'B' is 16 tomorrow! 16! I can hardly believe she is now a young woman. I am so proud of her, it hasn't been easy for her and I know anyone reading this will understand why. She has come so far and has managed to overcome or find ways around most of the issues that caused her so much distress when she was little.

That doesn't mean everything is perfect. Her biggest issue at the moment is mostly Anxiety which tends to manifest itself with Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour. It drives her mad, it drives us both mad. She is terrified something is going to happen to me. I have been poorly over the last few years, admitted to hospital several times. Unfortunately for me, when that happens, I tend to get worse once given drugs that are supposed to help me, I am someone who has severe reactions to drugs, you know the ones they list on the leaflets that come with the prescriptions. As you can imagine, me going to hospital doesn't help her feel better, it scares the crap out of her, as she knows I will react to something they give me. And we have had so many near misses in the car this last year, I think I must drive an invisible car, people just pulling into our lane, nearly going into us, it's been crazy!

So, as you can see, this doesn't help with her Anxiety. This is the issue we are working on now. For now, she is my shadow, quite literally I turn around and nearly step on her! It's not healthy, we both know it but we are working on it. She has her phone, she can phone me whenever she needs to, which is quite frequently! This one is a tricky one to be honest, my health issues have manifested into her stress issues.

But... this is a million miles away from where our journey first started... so take heart! It really does get better.

Till next time
'B's Mum