Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Stitch in Time…

‘B’ was offered the chance to have sewing lessons a few months back, an opportunity she grabbed with both hands and alot of enthusiasm. A friend has just set up a business, doing alterations, making clothes, crafts etc. She refuses to take payment so we are doing a nice exchange – I set her up with a website and designed her business cards etc. A lovely way to do business huh?

Turns out, ‘B’s a natural! Now armed with her own sewing machine and a whole houseload of fabric, there is no stopping her. In fact, she has her first craft fair on May Day!

I got her some business cards printed, so she can give away with any purchases (that’s optimism for you!), letting people know that any money she makes will ‘feed her habit’ and enable her to buy more fabric!

This is something we have discussed as a possible work opportunity for her when she’s older. I have said to her there are no rules that say you have to do only one thing for a living! I know, I am that person, juggling several different ‘strengths’ to make ends meet.

We are realistic, ‘B’ is never going to be able to hold down a typical 9-5 job. I swear she could sleep through an earthquake, nothing wakes her! ‘B’ dances to the rhythm of her own drum and that drum certainly doesn’t know about timekeeping! So, what better way for her to make a living than doing something she loves and something that won‘t require her to keep an eye on the clock.

So far she’s made bags, hanging hearts & squares, pencil cases, glasses pouches, a stuffed dog and now she is working on an apron…

It’s much better for her than sitting in front of a computer for hours, it keeps her busy and engaged and gives her great satisfaction when something is complete.

I’ll try and get her to photograph some of her creations… that’s another of her passions, photography! She’s starting photography lessons next week. Another friend is exchanging lessons for me teaching them Illustrator! She’s been taking photos for some time and has taken some lovely pictures, very arty stuff! But that’s another Post LOL!

Till next time,
‘B’s Mum